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Northdown Street, Central London

Our client Mirus homes purchased the site with benefit of planning permission for six flats and commercial at ground and part first and part basement. Following appraisal we revised the scheme to place the commercial at ground and full basement converting the first floor space to an additional flat.

The full basement allowed us to remove the need for piled foundations and changing to a light weight form of construction permitted us to build without need for a crane despite building to seven storeys. The economies of build and the additional value of the extra residence ensures the scheme gives a real return on investment for the client.

The contractor used for this project is Reddington Construction, who have worked on a similar project with us before. See commercial Road.

*Still under construction

Hop Studios, Central London

Hop studios was a late Victorian building on ground and first floors with highly decorative brick facades facing onto Jamaica Road. In the 1980's the building was converted into offices and a a shallow pitched mansard roof with dormer windows forming a second floor was added to the building.

Our client Mirus homes purchased the building with office use and an application for change of use from commercial to residential under permitted development was submitted by prier notification to London borough of Southwark and was granted.

The ground and first floor were converted to residential and a planning application was submitted to remove the roof and erect a second floor with brick work matching the decorative facade and under a new mansard roof with dormer windows. This was refused planning permission by London Borough of Southwark but won on appeal. The Project was completed in February 2017

The building contractor used for this project was Reddington Construction.

Commercial Road, Central London

Commercial road was a four storey Victorian shop with office space above with planning permission for demolition and construction of a new seven storey building comprising nine flats and small commercial unit.

We re-worked the layout and negotiated a new design for the front facade to improve the residential floor areas and the build-ability of the project, as part of this process in conjunction with Reddington construction and the structural engineer of MBA structures we formulated a system of build using cold steel, coloums and beams, lightweight infill stud work and metal web joists that allowed us to use short driven piles and a no crane form of construction. The majority of the face being in render finish apart from the front facade which was raised in brickwork. This allowed for a rapid form of construction and a tight program.

The building contractor used for this project was Reddington Construction

McSorleys Hotel and Nightclub

McSorleys Hotel and Nightclub was a complete re-build of an existing and successful public house. The brief was to turn this into a multi-purpose venue that consisted of a Public House, Hotel and Nightclub.

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