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Feasibility Study

The first stage in any project is to determine how viable it is. An architect can offer professional advice on the best approach by completing a Feasibility study.

PHD ASSOCIATES have worked on many types of schemes and can advise you throughout your project. We will usually research into recent development in your area and informally consult planning officers to make sure we give you the most up-to-date advice. We will inform you of any additional consultants you are likely to need, but our skills are such that some projects do not require specialists. All Feasibility Studies are completely confidential.

Planning Stage

Having established your development is feasible and agreed the brief, an architect will design and submit a scheme to the planning department. Once submitted, most planning applications take 8 weeks to be decided.

PHD ASSOCIATES will consult you and the planning department at every appropriate stage throughout the course of an application to ensure you receive the most positive outcome from developing your home. Where consultants are required we can recommend and request tenders from firms who will be appointed directly by you.

Building Regulation Drawings

Once the Planning Stage of the works is completed, you must prove to the local authority that the proposals meet with current building standards. This can be done either as a full Building Regulations Application or under a Building Notice. Once submitted, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to receive an approval.

PHD ASSOCIATES will discuss with you the most appropriate way of attaining approval from the local Building Control Department and then produce drawings which indicate your proposals comply with the relevant Building Regulations.

Final Specifications

Having designed the building, you must now consider the finishing touches; which kitchen or bathroom? which floor finish or wall colors? The more you specify to contractors, the more likely the quote are to reflect the actual costs.

PHD ASSOCIATES understand that you have approached an architect to receive the finished product, not just a pile of drawings. Our interior design experience can assist you in detailing the finer points - making the best of your space.


After deciding what you want in your project, its time to ask a contractor to provide a quote for the works. Tender documents will usually include Construction Drawings and a Schedule of Work. Once tenders are returned, you will need to analyze the data and assess which contractor you prefer to work with.

PHD ASSOCIATES are happy to offer assistance with tenders including taking-up current references, issuing documents, collating returned data and comparing prices. You can either provide us with a list of contractors or we can suggest contractors known to us as having performed well in the past.

Contract Administration

The construction Stage can be stressful and nerve wrecking, especially if you are new to it. An architect can guide you through this, explaining the process and ensuring the contract is properly discharged.

PHD ASSOCIATES have overseen a huge variety of projects and recommend using a contract to ensure responsibilities are set out clearly between you and the contractor.


We commence each project with a complimentary site visit where we discuss your requirements and begin the first steps towards developing a brief. Before any work is done we will offer you a quote explaining what we intend to do, and what you will receive from each stage of the project.

We try to be as straight forward as possible and suggest any additional costs you will need to bear in mind to allow you to budget appropriately.

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Stages of Development

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