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We have worked closely with various schools throughout the years to produce new build and extension/alteration schemes which benefit from our Architects' exceptional understanding of education centre requirements


Educational Maintenance, Alterations and Extensions, New Build, Facility Management

New Build 

Projects include Nursery and Pre-School, New Laboratories, Classrooms and Sports Pavilions. 
Alterations and Extensions

Projects include Language Laboratories, ICT Suites, Sixth Form Study Centres, Laboratories, Libraries, Classrooms and Accessibility Works. Dormitories, Study Bedrooms, Dining Rooms and Catering Suites. 

Full Premises surveys including record drawings, Maintenance Scheduling, Specification and Supervision of repair and restoration works, Security and Fire Safety Design and Implementation, Upgrading Accessibility to DDA requirements. 
Facility Management

Ensuring best use is made of facility planning and management to improve access, circulation and delivery of the Curriculum.

A small selection of projects PHD Associates have been involved in:- 
Commercial properties
A feasibility study

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